thirty years of Park (1985-2015)


BOSA Geopark farm "Giuseppe Nardini"
"the space of lived time"...

what it will be


Just close to the oldest building in Bosa there was a building, consisting of three subsequent building work, dating respectively from the second half of the nineteenth century, the first and second century.
The second building was recently demolited, due to its precarious static conditions and a lack of architectural value.
A new building was built in the same place, in the same position and with a modest increase in the downstream direction.
So it was possible to reuse the building stones, adjust the structure to earthquake standards and return a building with low energy consumption and limitedenvironmental emissions.
We remark the presence of a  photovoltaic system for the production of electrical energy, located on the roof, facing west.
The new building is arranged on two floors. On the first floor will soon be set up the "Small museum about fauna of yesterday and today", where you will watch paleontological finds and reconstructions of Pleistocene faunas of the final and the early Holocene, togeher with animals of today, found dead in the park, and then become museum objects by using specific taxidermy techniques.
Finally, the ground floor will host space for educational activities, preparation and sale of food and agricultural products.



The general construction of the Centre plans for further building works. In particular we have planned the construction of a bioclimatic greenhouse with the dual function of contributing to the heating of the building and to achieve greenhouse crops. The lower levels of the greenhouse, are provided for local storage, and food preparation: a cellar and a furnace to be used primarily for activities related to environmental education.

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