thirty years of Park (1985-2015)


BOSA Geopark farm "Giuseppe Nardini"
"the space of lived time"...

what it is



The activity of a natural Park must always find its symbolic place. Here, in a small area, it is possible to see what the Park has already achieved and what can be improved in the future.
In the Apuan Alps, Bosa is the perfect location to show the Park’s mission.
The specific concern is scientific research and educational examples of the protection and conservation of living organisms, both wild species and agronomic varieties belonging to this area.
The activity is also related to the diversity of soils and geological backgrounds, which plays a huge role in defining the area’s biodiversity.
Bosa has an amazing panoramic position, embracing the northern mountain chain of the Apuan Alps, from the Fiocca-Sumbra Group to Mt. Pisanino.


Here, an intact natural and agrarian landscape is clearly perceived testifying a long historical evolution.
The rural nature is preserved and respected in its cultural values too, passing down the true meaning of the sustainable use of natural resources.



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