thirty years of Park (1985-2015)



BOSA Geopark farm "Giuseppe Nardini"
"the space of lived time"...

what it was


Lateral fašade of the oldest building in Bosa:
On the ground floor, the twin portal is a distinctive element.
It shows a superior architectural value respect to agricultural use
of this building during the last centuries.

Bosa was a small group of rural buildings, whose layout developed in many different construction phases. The old building has several architectural elements that suggest more important uses than a simple country house. The twin portal on the ground floor indicates the monumental value of the building. Its stylized lines inspired the GeoPark Farm logo.
On the main fašade, a carved stone shows the year 1792. However, the Renaissance pottery found in the area and the date 1625 on an abandoned cornerstone indicate an older settlement.
The core of Bosa is situated along the ancient road linking the medieval village of Careggine to the productive centre of Fabbriche. This village, situated along the river Edron, developed the steel furnaces linked to the extraction of iron.



(to left)
Epigraph on ashlar of "Macigno" sandstone.
It is placed
in the main fašade of the oldest building in Bosa, at the top right of the central portal.

The epigraph shows the following letters and numbers:

A : D : 1792 :
D : A : P :
F : A : F

A hypothesis of transcription:
A(nno) D(omini) 1792
D(ominus) A(.....) P(oli)/P(rosperi)
F(ece) A F(are)
In the year of the Lord 1792
Sir A...... P(oli)/P(rosperi)
commissioned [this building]


of "Macigno" sandstone. It was discovered in 2012 during the restoration works outside of the GeoPark Farm.

The date carved above is 1625

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