thirty years of Park (1985-2015)





air of yesterday

Entering this little shop in Bosa is like taking a trip back in time, fifty years or maybe more. The atmosphere is the mid-twentieth century one, at the turn of the last world war.
The place has the taste and warmth of the Italian province, who had not experienced the economic boom, and globalization was still light years away.
The last period of a world that produced and consumed in the same territorial space, when the "Km0" was the rule and not a rare exception.
The Bosa workshop refers to the years of the good things grown in the gardens and fields around the villages and homes of a rural civilization widespread.
The workshop as a point of a direct trade where you can choose the best of the local farmer's market.



bottega "almost" historic

A long and difficult search for vintage items has marked the earlier stages of building the workshop.
Today you can admire here the instruments and original furniture, lovingly restored and working. An object of the most common finding, including scales, along with furnishing trade - such as handmade pasta - who have enjoyed a recent rediscovery and notoriety. In this space there are rare and forgotten objects, like a manual pasta-maker, built inside a wooden cupboard.
The workshop aims to be an historical store (or "almost"), even if opened only during 2012.



quality behind the products

In the Park Shop, you can always find fresh and high quality goods. You can buy old cultivars and local niche products and especially organic and/or traditional products.
The shelves accommodate material signs of a rural past and commercial, but leave enough room for a proper and goods for sale.
The fruits from the fields and woods of Bosa and its surroundings are made into jam and packed into cans by the company called “Maestà della Formica” in the adjoining laboratory.
Larger, but not by much, is the radius of origin and processed products longer shelf life, including pasta, biscuits, flour corn and chestnuts, mushrooms and dried beans, preserves, jams, liquor, etc.



educating the future

The Bosa store was titled "the first workshop of the park," because it is really so: the first point of a network of direct trade relations, starting from good relations with the world of manufacturing.
The park sees this initiative in three strategic lines and the same main objectives:
- Ethical trade to promote and disseminate good economy value products;
- Environmental education to provide learning experiences on health and quality of food;
- The museum display active for a conservative reuse of antique and old tools of material culture.

The shop is placed in a rare beauty location, that reminds a past and positive living, to be read or interpreted as a selection of the best experiences practiced, to look forward with confidence to a future that can sustain our ecological footprint.

Today as yesterday, if the food is genuine, smiling and family life will be welcome ...
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