thirty years of Park (1985-2015)


BOSA Geopark farm "Giuseppe Nardini"
"the space of lived time"...

crops: research & conservation

finding the forgotten fruits

Il Parco ha voluto accettare la sfida della conservazione della biodiversità delle piante d’uso alimentare, salvaguardando “on farm” alcune significative cultivar. L’obiettivo è mantenere in vita varietà locali e antiche, ad elevato grado di rusticità e adatte alle condizioni ambientali di questi luoghi. Nello stesso tempo, il Parco conserva forme caratteristiche ed esclusive di paesaggio agrario, nate e sviluppate con le coltivazioni delle stesse piante.
Recuperare piante alimentari “dimenticate”, insieme ai prodotti tipici e ai cibi tradizionali di una determinata area geografica, significa anche mantenere diversità culturali e ricchezze locali.




of the cultivated biodiversity

September: the summer ends and it's time to collect.
Even at Bosa we capture the fruits of the last year's crop. They are not ordinary plants, but some old and rare varieties, often by unusual shapes and colors. They are mostly local cultivars, that city markets has put away.
In its natural and agricultural center, the Park has accepted the challenge of conservation of the biodiversity of plants for food, safeguarding some important crop varieties. The need to preserve the agronomic Apuan Alps products meets motivations of agricultural genetics, but goes even further. There is also the need to keep alive local varieties, with a high degree of rusticity and adapted to the environmental conditions of these places. There is also the objective of ensuring the active protection of those forms and unique characteristics of the agricultural landscape, created and developed with the cultivation of thick plants.


Belfiore Apple (above) - S. Lorenzo Pear (below)


"Formenton ottofile" of Garfagnana

"Apuan Pastinocello" flower

You can feel how important redissemination of food plants "forgotten" is, along with the typical products of a given geographical area, to ensure also the maintenance of a rich cultural diversity.
In the Bosa foreground there is the "pastinocello" of the Apuan Alps [Daucus carota L. subsp. major (Vis.) Arcangeli], one of the primitive forms of domestication of wild carrot, with a tap root, yellow-brown, with a sweetish taste and a characteristic nutty aftertaste.
Among other local cultivars produced to Bosa during the current season, there is the red bean Lucca [Phaseolus vulgaris L.], which will be added in 2010, and other varieties of the same legume (Giallorino of Garfagnana, stiaccione di Pietrasanta, etc..). The conservation of agricultural biodiversity has also involved annual plants of ancient and old selection, such as "egg" eggplant [Solanum melongena L.] and several tomato varieties [Solanum lycopersicum L.], starting with the "gold pearl".
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