thirty years of Park (1985-2015)

BOSA Geopark farm "Giuseppe Nardini"
"the space of lived time"...

"the fruits brought and found in the fields"
Apuan Autumn: the Colours of the Earth  -  20th-21st October 2012



It is an exhibition of the fruits harvested during the last season of the year, fruits to see and to touch by everyone in order to learn the importance of the preservation of ancient and local cultivars. Some of the most characteristic plants of traditional agro-food Apuan Alps were thus here showed, thus emphasizing the differences and peculiarities.

Bosa fields have always hosted trees and shrubs from the "forgotten fruit", almost impossible to find in the fruit and vegetable markets of today and on our tables.

The apple and cherry Casciana Marchiana existed before the "Centre", and set aside in this ancient landscape, have come down to us to be rediscovered and riassaporate.
The Park has added these rarities to the rarities already present in Bosa, expanding from year to year the collections of annual and perennial species.
The show has told a lot about Bosa and his true mission.

He mainly learned to everyone as biodiversity protection does not stop at the edge of the fields and orchards after traveling miles spontaneous nature and embraced peaks and cliffs, meadows and woods.

Even the ancient plum trees, old vines and mountain mais tamed the thin terraced plateaus, come to the right in the very long list of varieties of living forms to be preserved for future generations.
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